Students in classroom

During this training session, specifically designed for educators and school administrators and staff, ASET will:

  •  Describe Autism Spectrum Disorders, with a special emphasis on those characteristics and challenges unique to this population, which can create crisis situations in the school setting; 
  • Explore the prevention and response to meltdowns, often the most dangerous situations involving students on the Autism Spectrum;  
  • Discuss the importance of the development and implementation of Safety Plans for any students on the Autism Spectrum, or with another Developmental Disability; 
  • Discuss the importance of rapid response to situations involving persons on the Autism Spectrum being victims of bullying behavior  
  • Describe the dangers involving the restraint of students on the Autism Spectrum; 
  • Provide a roadmap for establishing a collaborative relationship with local law enforcement and other first responder agencies, and discus implementation of disaster plans specific to the population of students with Development Disabilities; 
  • Discuss the importance of the entire school population- students, teachers, bus drivers and other support staff- being knowledgeable about Developmental Disabilities, so that everyone obtains the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent negative situations

Please contact us to schedule a training which is approved by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and endorsed by the Autism Society of Maine.  Continuing Education Credits can be given.