Police Departments

Police Cruiser

In this training session, specifically designed for law enforcement officers, ASET will:

  • Describe Autism Spectrum Disorder in detail, with special emphasis on those characteristics and challenges unique to this population, which can create dangerous situations;
  • Discuss the sensory, processing, and social and communication deficits that make interacting with persons on the Autism Spectrum challenging and potentially hazardous;
  • Explain the dangers of elopement and wandering, and other situations in which persons on the Autism Spectrum require a prompt response;
  • Describe techniques for preventing, recognizing, and properly responding to crisis situations and meltdowns;
  • Discuss the challenges of criminal cases where persons on the Autism Spectrum are victims, suspects or witnesses;
  • Provide a detailed plan to establish and maintain collaborative relationships between law enforcement and persons on the Autism Spectrum, their schools and homes, and the community
  • Explain the importance of registering persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the local 911 system prior to an emergency, and provide a road map for creating a registration program in your jurisdiction, as well as proactive safety programs, specifically designed for this population

Please contact us to schedule this training which is approved by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and endorsed by the Autism Society of Maine.