Families/Individuals affected by Autism



During this training session, specifically designed for parents and care givers of those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, Matt will:

  • Describe and explain the particular characteristics and challenges unique to this population that make them at risk for crisis situations, or situations to which the police are called;
  • Provide information on how to respond to situations in which a person with Autism is accused of a crime, or is arrested;
  • Explore the growing problem of persons with Autism becoming victims of crime, and how to quickly and effectively respond to these challenging situations;
  • Explain the growing research on wandering and elopement, and offer strategies to prevent and respond to wandering incidents;
  • Discuss the importance of providing critical, potentially life-saving information about the person with Autism to first responders BEFORE a crisis situation occurs;
  • Review the challenges a person with Autism may experience in the school setting, and provide guidance on preparation of safety plans as part of IEP process;
  • Encourage attendees to proactively collaborate with their local first responders, and provide a roadmap for establishing and maintaining those relationships