Fire Departments

Portland Fire Engine

During this training session, specifically designed for fire/rescue and EMS personnel, Matt will:

  • Describe Autism Spectrum Disorders in detail, with a special emphasis on those characteristics and challenges unique to this population, which can create emergency situations, requiring prompt and effective response;
  • Explain sensory, processing, social and communication issues that make interacting with persons on the Autism Spectrum challenging;
  • Discuss the dangers of elopement/wandering, and other safety scenarios where a prompt and effective response may be life-saving;
  • Provide techniques for preventing, recognizing and properly responding to crisis situations and meltdowns;
  • Provide specific guidance for EMS and Fire/Rescue personnel for conducting patient assessment on scene, and for responding to fire calls, personal injury accidents and other potential calls for service;
  • Explain the importance of registering persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the local 911 system prior to an emergency, and provide a road map for creating a registration program in your jurisdiction, as well as fire safety programs specifically designed for this population

Please contact us to schedule this training which is endorsed by the Autism Society of Maine. Continuing Education Credits are often given to attendees.