911 Dispatcher

During this training session, specifically designed for 911 dispatchers and call takers, ASET will:

  • Describe Autism Spectrum Disorders in detail, with a special emphasis on those characteristics and challenges unique to this population, which can create emergency situations, requiring prompt and effective response;
  • Explain sensory, processing, social and communication issues that make interacting with persons on the Autism Spectrum challenging;
  • Discuss the dangers of elopement/wandering, and other safety scenarios where a prompt and effective response may be life-saving;
  • Provide a set of questions that can be utilized when receiving a 911 call regarding an individual on the Autism Spectrum, to gather potentially life-saving information;
  • Explain the critical information that should be relayed to first responders prior to their arrival on-scene;
  • Explain the importance of registering persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the local 911 system prior to an emergency, and provide a road map for creating a registration program in your jurisdiction