Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorder Response Team (DART)


Developmental Disabilities/Autism Response Team (DART) is composed of a group of professionals from all segments of the criminal justice system, who will receive specialized in depth training on an ongoing basis to ensure that persons with developmental disabilities/autism spectrum disorder (DD/ASD) receive fair, just, and compassionate treatment when they are involved in the criminal justice system as a victim, witness or defendant.

An in depth look at DART – This link defines the shortfalls that exist in the criminal justice system and brings a call to action to assemble a DART in your community.


3 part publication in the Autism Spectrum Quarterly regarding DART

DART Article (Part 1) – discussion of the DART concept

DART Article (Part 2) – discussion of the unique challenges presented by those with DD/ASD in the criminal justice system

DART Article (Part 3) – a call to action in your community