Wonderful feedback from the ND mom that initiated ASET’s 2016 ND training efforts (funded via Autism Speaks Grant)…

"Meeting Matt Brown was one of the best opportunities of my life! It was much needed training in an area North Dakota was lacking! Sometimes as a parent, we need to make decisions regarding the safety of our children, and one of mine was reaching out to Matt & his wonderful wife Nancy! I've learned so much from Matt, and it warms my heart to know that future law enforcement officers, teachers, social workers, families and organizations that work with special needs children will have the opportunity to learn what Matt's family & mine already know. Autism is always going to be around, and is gaining ground daily. It's up to us as family members, care givers, education specialists, and government agencies to take the necessary measures in keeping our communities safe for those who are unable to do so themselves! Thank you so much Matt, Nancy, Autism Speaks, and all others who made this possible, as well as all those who attended the training. Together we can change lives through knowledge!"

Barbara Milhem-Field
Parent & Concerned Citizen, Grafton, ND

Regarding the ASET’s Train the Trainer program:

I attended ASET's training in Bismarck, ND (June, 2016). My daughter is on the Autism Spectrum, and would have been in the High Functioning/Asperger's category prior to the release of the Spectrum criteria.

I just wanted to say thank you to you both for all the work you have done with ASET and in raising a child on the Autism Spectrum. I have wanted to do training for my department on Autism, really on people with disabilities in general, for some time, but I was having trouble seeing the forest for the trees. Matt's presentation, expertise, and current data really was an excellent example of just how to conduct such a training. I very much look forward to receiving your Train the Trainer materials and moving forward. I not only want to reach the fire department, but also the police department, dispatch and the schools.

Ryan Johnsrud
Bismark, ND Firefighter & parent

Feedback from Maine Autism Leadership Team Training attended by Maine Special Education Teachers

“Matt Brown gave practical suggestions that can greatly benefit those we work with. It's helpful to see the viewpoint of law enforcement and encouraging them to be aware of the individuals we serve in the community.”

“After Matt Brown’s training, I am definitely being more mindful of security and safety for our students.”

“The safety information provided changed my classroom environment and I will provide registration materials to my parents.”

“Matt Brown offered up vital information with statistics supporting the need to create an emergency response plan within every school. I sincerely hope information will be presented to staff members to reinforce the importance of school-wide awareness of an action plan to follow in the event of an ASD child being reported as missing.”

“We will be developing an elopement response team for our school as well as crisis management plans. We will work closely with our Police department and urge parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities to complete the form for Police to keep on file. We will also develop emergency GO kits for all of the classrooms that have children with autism and other developmental disabilities.”

“We will definitely be looking at safety and how to develop plans for specific students and incorporate safety practice in our day.”

- Maine Special Education Teachers

"I am so grateful for the training Matt Brown provided for Sonoma County Regional Parks. Through my very first contact with him through email to the day of the presentation, Matt and his wife Nancy were extremely friendly and professional. I had no doubt that the training would be high quality and invaluable for our department. Our Parks often have water sources within their boundaries and it is important for our Rangers to know the significance of water and people on the spectrum. Not only was this training attended by our Park Rangers, it was attended by other members of the first responders community within Sonoma County. About forty people attended from more than ten different agencies. I heard nothing but positive feedback from those in attendance. Matt engaged the audience and reached out with personal stories from his experiences as a parent. His passion for the training was evident. I look forward to continuing Matt’s work. Through the train the trainer program more than half of us were trained in presenting the program. I am grateful for his encouragement and support as I work to continue the training in Sonoma County."


Beth Wyatt
Park Ranger, Sonoma County Regional Parks

“The hope is to reduce negative interactions between police officers and our Autistic citizens.  After a two hour training seminar with Matt Brown, our officers came out with an understanding of Autism and how to better deal with situations involving them.”

Shawn O'Leary
Police Chief, Winslow, Maine

"We found the Autism Safety Awareness presentation very eye-opening and filled with valuable information that is pertinent to what the officers deal with."

Ken Corkran
Director of Public Safety, Dean College

"Sunday, March 22, 2015, was an exciting day at the Maine Discovery Museum! More than 60 individuals attended the special “Autism Education and Safety Event” for children and families. The event was hosted by the Maine Autism Institute for Education and Research (MAIER) in partnership with the Discovery Museum’s “My Day to Play,” a time designated just for families affected by autism.

A very important part of this event was a presentation by Matt Brown, of Autism Safety Education and Training (ASET). Matt shared his knowledge and personal experiences about safety issues and concerns for families of children with autism, and offered helpful suggestions and resources to assist families to be proactive in keeping their children safe at home, school, and in their communities. In particular, Matt emphasized the importance of parents registering their child with ASD with their local police to ensure a timely and appropriate response if their child should wander or need help.

Working with Matt and Nancy Brown to plan and offer this event was truly inspirational. Their passion for their work and desire to help families learn and be proactive in keeping their children safe was evident with each interaction. Matt was sensitive and responsive to individual parents attending the event, and parent feedback indicated there is a strong need for this information in schools and communities.

The Maine Autism Institute looks forward to continuing our partnership with Matt and Nancy Brown at ASET in offering future events to promote safety education to families affected by ASD, and their communities, across the state of Maine."

Donna Doherty, M.S.
Director, Maine Family Partnership, Maine Autism Institute for Education and Research (MAIER)

Thank you for coming to Caribou, ME to give your Autism Training lecture (11/17/14).  It was very useful.  I work with many Autistic children each day across the spectrum, and many young children that have not yet been diagnosed, to help them through their dental treatment needs.  I appreciated your personal reflections of your own experiences working with your son.  Since the lecture I have changed how I'm approaching patient care.  There are a few things I took away from the lecture and the dialogue with the audience.  1)  These kids' parents are so strong.  They need to be very adaptive to their child's behavior.  Their 24 hr. day plan may drastically change according to their kids mood and behavior.  2)  My office's schedule needs to be more flexible and adaptive.  3)  I need to get more information from the parents at the initial appointment.  I am learning so much from the parents about the triggers, warning signs of an impending meltdown, ways that parents de-escalate their child.  4)  The most important thing I took away is that each patient's tolerance and response to pain may be very different.  The dentist visit can be very scary and anything I can do to ease that, I need to do.

Thank you for the opportunity for my staff and I to take the class.  We had a pow-wow after everyone took the course and have altered the way we do things here.

Dr. Erik Johnson, DMD
Doctor of Medical Dentistry, St. Apollonia Dental Clinic, Caribou, ME

"Matt Brown recently did an Autism Training in Caribou, ME.  He is an exceptional speaker and really got his point across.  The audience on both days truly appreciated his honesty and sensitivity in regards to Autism.  As a parent of a son with Autism he really knew what he was talking about, and as a 25 year veteran of law enforcement he knew what the missing pieces were for those children in emergency situations.  His matter of fact presentation was both humbling and enlightening.

He truly touched many parents, educators and emergency responders.  After the training he met with a group of us and together we are planning a Community Day with our families, first responders and Matt Brown this spring.  He is well worth listening to and I highly recommend his program.  Not only is he knowledgeable, he is caring, sincere and passionate about what he does.  If you haven't had Matt Brown come to your community, you need to book him!"


Karla Michaud
Superintendent of Schools at Union 122, Caribou, Maine (Nov. 2014)

"I attended your presentation at the Autism NJ conference. Your presentation was awesome! I loved every minute of it.  I learned a lot and I am a more self aware person about my child's safety. I have a lot work to do. You both were outstanding! Thank you very much!" 

- Susana Montes, NY parent

"Wow!  I attended this training and what an eye opener!  This is training every public official should take.  I learned so much and I can see why behaviors can be so misunderstood.  Thank you Matt for sharing your knowledge with us."

- George Foley, Brookline, NH, CERT, ARES, NHDART

"I wanted to connect with you to let you and Nancy know your workshop was really strong and well received. I have given autism safety presentations at that conference a couple of times, but you had definitely covered very important points that are important to know. Your handouts are excellent resources. I will definitely provide your website links to them on our hospital's autism community hub. Thank you for advocating, educating, and protecting those affected by ASD and our communities."

- Attendee at the 2014 Autism NJ Conference, Adrienne Robertiello, Autism Educator at Children's Specialized Hospital

"As the mother of a 19 year old with autism, I greatly appreciated your remarkable presentation and round table discussion on such an important topic. I was very glad to see the response from the participants & I am confident that the continuing efforts that stem from it will help provide well for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Thank you!"

- Marianne Clancy, NJ Parent

"I believe that you opened the eyes of many people who before didn't really understand autism. I know that even though I have had training through my police studies, you more than opened my eyes. You also gave me insight on how I will be able to better serve my community here in Calais. The feedback I received from my officers that attended was also very positive. They can see how by knowing the information you passed on how it could help them do a better job as well as possibly save a life."

- Chief David Randall, Calais, ME Police Department

"Matt Brown's presentation is powerful and provides valuable information to parents and first responders. This information saves lives. If you have an individual with Autism living in your area, this presentation is a must."

- Cathy Dionne, Director of Programs and Administration, Autism Society of Maine

"You really had the group for the entire time you were speaking. The information will serve all of us very well. Your presentation style is excellent. Your willingness to share your personal story adds so much credibility to everything you said."

- State Fire Marshall, Maine

"Delaware Valley Regional High School and the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office recently hosted First Responder Training on how to address the needs of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities presented by Mr. Matt Brown and found the presentation to be exceptional. Mr. Brown brought expertise of both a professional and personal nature to his presentation and left all in attendance with food for thought and a passion for further dialogue. He provided hands on and practical information for all First Responders as well as school personnel. I recommend Mr. Brown without hesitation and guarantee that you will not be disappointed."

- Frank Guenther, Director of Special Education
Delaware Valley Regional High School, Frenchville, NJ