Feedback from Maine Autism Leadership Team Training attended by Maine Special Education Teachers

“Matt Brown gave practical suggestions that can greatly benefit those we work with. It’s helpful to see the viewpoint of law enforcement and encouraging them to be aware of the individuals we serve in the community.”

“After Matt Brown’s training, I am definitely being more mindful of security and safety for our students.”

“The safety information provided changed my classroom environment and I will provide registration materials to my parents.”

“Matt Brown offered up vital information with statistics supporting the need to create an emergency response plan within every school. I sincerely hope information will be presented to staff members to reinforce the importance of school-wide awareness of an action plan to follow in the event of an ASD child being reported as missing.”

“We will be developing an elopement response team for our school as well as crisis management plans. We will work closely with our Police department and urge parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities to complete the form for Police to keep on file. We will also develop emergency GO kits for all of the classrooms that have children with autism and other developmental disabilities.”

“We will definitely be looking at safety and how to develop plans for specific students and incorporate safety practice in our day.”

– Maine Special Education Teachers