Caribou Dentist

Thank you for coming to Caribou, ME to give your Autism Training lecture (11/17/14).  It was very useful.  I work with many Autistic children each day across the spectrum, and many young children that have not yet been diagnosed, to help them through their dental treatment needs.  I appreciated your personal reflections of your own experiences working with your son.  Since the lecture I have changed how I’m approaching patient care.  There are a few things I took away from the lecture and the dialogue with the audience.  1)  These kids’ parents are so strong.  They need to be very adaptive to their child’s behavior.  Their 24 hr. day plan may drastically change according to their kids mood and behavior.  2)  My office’s schedule needs to be more flexible and adaptive.  3)  I need to get more information from the parents at the initial appointment.  I am learning so much from the parents about the triggers, warning signs of an impending meltdown, ways that parents de-escalate their child.  4)  The most important thing I took away is that each patient’s tolerance and response to pain may be very different.  The dentist visit can be very scary and anything I can do to ease that, I need to do.

Thank you for the opportunity for my staff and I to take the class.  We had a pow-wow after everyone took the course and have altered the way we do things here.