School Safety

Students in classroom

School Safety & Wandering/Disaster Planning – Suggestions for proactively planning for emergencies or disasters in the school setting; specifically how to ensure the safety, security and comfort of students with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities. – A federal government website which provides great information & resources about bullying, and also gives suggestions about what you can do (for parents/teens/kids/ educators/community).

Kids and Teen Safe – This is an “Abuse Prevention Program for Youth with Disabilities” developed by SafePlace of Austin, TX.  This guide, written in 2002, addresses the need for schools and communities to join forces in providing comprehensive prevention and intervention services that address the problems of abuse in student’s lives.  This guide is intended for use by social service agency staff to begin or expand school-based programs.

Autism Registration Form – Schools are urged to share these forms with families and encourage them to file this information with local first responder agencies.

Parent to School/Wandering Safety Letter – This is a great resource to pass out to your families.  The parents can provide the unique information about their child and any wandering tendencies so that the schools can then make a plan in the event of an actual wandering incident.