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What Officers Need to Remember when dealing with a Person on the Spectrum

Interviewing People

Vulnerable Victim Intake for prosecutors/investigators – A guide for the right questions to ask and information to gather prior to interviewing a victim with Autism or other Developmental Disability.

Autism Registration Form – This sheet can be filled out and presented to you first responder agency, for them to input into their 911 system, so first responders will know they are interacting with a person on the autism spectrum.

Printable First Responder Cards – Created by L.E.A.N. On Us for use by first responders, these pocket cards list the top ten characteristics of an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder for quick identification. 

Dispatcher Protocol for calls regarding a person with AUTISM – Law enforcement agencies are urged to encourage their emergency dispatchers to incorporate these crucial questions into their database to ensure that critical information, potentially life saving, can be obtained and provided to responding officers quickly.

BigRedSafetyToolkit for First Responders – FREE downloadable PDF containing a wealth of information for first responders about wandering.  Resource provided by AWAARE.org.

Autism & Wandering – This is an article co-authored by Matt Brown & William Fuller regarding wandering and the importance or registering individuals with ASD with local area law enforcement.  It appeared in the Autism Society Newsletter, Winter 2015.