Fire Departments

Portland Fire EngineFire Safety for persons with Autism – – Matt’s tips to ensure your loved one is safe in a fire situation

Autism Registration Form – This sheet can be filled out and presented to you first responder agency, for them to input into their 911 system, so first responders will know they are interacting with a person on the autism spectrum.

Printable First Responder Cards – Created by L.E.A.N. On Us for use by first responders, these pocket cards list the top ten characteristics of an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder for quick identification.

Autism and First Responders: Seeing Beyond the Smoke – Excellent 22 minute video which discusses fire safety with this population.  This is a training video created for first responders in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania & is applicable to all first responders.

ASM-Guide-to-Fire-Safety-for-Individuals-with-Autism-Spectrum-Disorders -Essential Fire Safety Tips authored by Matt Brown as an Informational Specialist for the Autism Society of Maine.