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Autism & Wandering – This is an article co-authored by Matt Brown & William Fuller regarding wandering and the importance or registering individuals with ASD with local area law enforcement.  It appeared in the Autism Society Newsletter, Winter 2015.

Autism Spectrum Quarterly articles

In 2006, Matt collaborated with well-known Autism Safety Expert Dennis
Debbaudt, on a series of articles, describing his concept of Autism
Response Teams  (ART). The three-part series details the need for groups-
made up of members of law enforcement, the Judiciary, prosecution and
defense attorneys, victim-witness advocates, and probation officers- to
handle cases in which persons with Autism are victims, witnesses or
defendants, to ensure that such cases are resolved justly, fairly and
compassionately. The articles provide a blueprint for the formation and
operation of an Autism Response Team. Click on the links below to read 
all three publications.

Debbaudt_Brown_ASQ – Part 1

Debbaudt_Brown_ASQ71 – Part 2

Debbaudt_Brown_ASQ8 – Part 3