Autism Safety in the News

Utah Police Develop Autism Safety Roster (Nov. 2014)

Mom of 2 Children with autism:  Wandering is More Common Than You Think, KSHB News, Kansas City, 2/3/2015

The Dangerous Attraction of Water to Children with Autism, KCTV5 Story, Kansas City, 11/20/2013

Airport Security Tips for Families with Autism, by Autistic Globetrotting, 7/15/2013


Autism Society of America Safe and Sound Program

Autism Source – This is an amazing site where you can search for a range of services for persons on the spectrum and their families in any of the 50 states.

Autism Society of Maine – This is my “home” autism society, and is full of useful information.

Autism Speaks – The leading organization dedicated to funding research into the causes of, and treatment for, autism spectrum disorders

Autism and Safety

L.E.A.N. on Us – This website includes a comprehensive list of resources and information for first responders to better serve the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Autism and Safety by Children’s Specialized Hospital  – A comprehensive resource for safety issues related to children with ASD.


AWAARE (Autism Wandering Awareness Alerts Response Education) – This web site has an amazing amount of useful information on wandering, including the “Big Red Toolkit” which provides tips for first responders, and much more.

National Autism Association – This organization has a very strong emphasis on autism safety and provides a great deal of resources on wandering.

School Safety

Kentucky Center for School Safety – This is an excellent source that explores school safety issues and offers great information.