What is ASET, what is Matt Brown's background, why his training is needed in every community, and the latest in Autism Safety News...
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Autism Safety Zone - Winter 2015 Newsletter
Who is Matt Brown & what ASET is all about...

Matt Brown is a 25 yr. veteran of law enforcement who, for the past ten years, has trained over 4,000 police officers, firefighters and other first responders, as well as educators, on preventing, recognizing, and responding to crisis situations involving persons on the autism spectrum.  His combination of experience as both a seasoned law enforcement officer and the proud father of a child on the autism spectrum, provides him with the credibility needed to tackle this challenging issue, and inspire communities to begin autism safety programs in their local areas.  He is also the owner and founder of ASET - AUTISM SAFETY EDUCATION & TRAINING, www.aset911.com, which is providing this much needed training nationwide.
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Autism Safety in the News!

November 20, 2014, KUTV.com
Appearing on Chanel 2 Salt Lake City local news
Utah police develop Autism Safety Roster
by Christine McCarthy
“(KUTV) In a state with the second highest autism rate in the country, a Utah police department announced on Thursday a new tool that officers can use when responding to emergencies involving autistic kids and adulUnified  Unified Police Department developed the Autism Safety Roster, an online system to collect pertinent information about autistic citizens and ensure their safety during crises…

They developed the system (Autism Safety Roster) after Montell McDowell approached them following her nine-year-old daughter's traumatic ordeal in June. An officer responded to Megan's emergency, but, unaware of her specific condition, he did not know how to handle her.  "My daughter was having a meltdown. She can be aggressive, and she can bite. I was in the process of trying to keep her safe as well as working on a de-escalation program," McDowell said. "They did not have a CIT officer … They finally made a decision to take Megan away from me, to handcuff her, put her on the ground and stand on her."  McDowell doesn't blame the officers themselves. She wants to turn the bad situation into something positive.  "I knew the officers weren’t bad. They just didn’t have the right information and the right skills," McDowell said. "I don’t want that to happen to a family, and I don’t want officers to feel that they don’t have the tools to handle it right."”  Click on this link to view the entire article.
Should Your Medical Providers, including Dental Officers, be trained by ASET? ABSOLUTELY!


Here's a testimonial from a dentist on a recent training held in Caribou, ME:

"Thank you for coming to Caribou, ME on 11/17/14 to give your Autism training lecture.  It was very useful.  I work with many Autistic children each day across the spectrum, and many young children that have not yet been diagnosed, to help them through their dental treatment needs.  I appreciated your personal reflections of your own experiences working with your son.  Since the lecture I have changed how I'm approaching patient care.  There are a few things I took away from the lecture and the dialogue with the audience:

1)  These kids' parents are so strong.  They need to be very adaptive to their child's behavior.   Their 24 hour day plan may drastically change according to their kids mood and behavior.  

2) My office's schedule needs to be more flexible and adaptive.  

3) I need to get more information from parents at the initial appt.  I am learning so much from the parents about the triggers, warning signs of an impending meltdown, ways that parents de-escalate their child.

4) The most important thing I took away is that each patient's tolerance and response to pain may be very different.  The dentist visit can be very scary and anything I can do to ease that, I need to do.  

Thank you for the opportunity for my staff and I to take your class.  We had a pow-wow after everyone took the course and have altered the way we do things here."

Dr. Erik Johnson, Doctor of Medical Dentistry,
St. Apollonia Dental Clinic, Caribou, ME
Matt Brown, ASET Founder, Federal Law Enforcement Officer & Parent
Upcoming Trainings...

2/10/15 Belfast, ME, First Responder & Community-wide Training

2/27/15 Twin Fall, ID, Autism Safety Training for First Responders & Community Members

3/5/15 Topsham, ME, Autism Parent Support Group & Community-wide Training

4/9/15 Co-presenter at Maine Autism Institute for Education & Research (MAIER), Fostering Independence & Safety for Children & Adolescents with ASD
Why Your Community Needs Autism Safety Training
1 in 68 children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 25% of the ASD population is non-verbal
48% wander from a safe environment
91% of fatal wandering incidents involve drowning10 times more likely to become victim of crime
Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are often affected by a number of characteristics that DIRECTLY impact their safety, as well as the safety of those attempting to assist them in an emergency or crisis situation, including the following:

Sensory issues- can be highly sensitive to being touched, which can lead to a violent reaction. Other potential sensory issues include loud noises and flashing lights. Persons affected by ASD can also be “hypo-sensitive” to stimuli, and therefore can present with a very high threshold for pain, making patient assessment by EMS personnel very challenging.  Click on this link to view this entire discussion including processing issues, & communication deficits that may impact safety.

Autism & Wandering

Read this article co-authored by Matt Brown & William Fuller regarding wandering and the importance or registering individuals with ASD with local area law enforcement.  It appeared in the Autism Society Newsletter, Winter 2015.
Matt Brown, (now ASET), has trained 4,756 First Responders & Community Members since 2005!
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