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Matt Brown on Autism Safety Training:

“It is absolutely critical that first responders and others receive the training they need to think differently in these situations that require much patience and care.”  Learn more about Why Your Community Needs Autism Safety Training.

Matt Brown
Autism Safety Trainer
Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Upcoming Training

Training Programs:

Community Wide TrainingCommunity Wide Training
Presentation designed for first responders of all types. For more details, click here.


Police CruiserLaw Enforcement
Provide strategies to prevent, recognize, and properly react to crisis and emergency situations involving persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which will increase the chance for a safe resolution.  For more details, click here.

Portland Fire EngineFire Departments
Explain issues relating to fire safety regarding persons with Autism
Spectrum Disorder, and provide blueprint for creating a fire safety program for this population.  For more details, click here.

Provide strategies and techniques for Rescue and EMS personnel to employ as they respond to calls involving persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  For more details, click here.

911 DispatcherDispatch/911 Operators
Educate dispatchers and 911 operators on critical questions to ask when taking a 911 call involving a person with Autism, and what to relay to first responders.  For more details, click here.

Search and RescueSearch and Rescue
Detail the deadly issue of wandering and elopement in persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and provide specific information on a rapid response plan.  For more details, click here.

Students in classroomSchool Systems
Discuss importance of implementing individualized safety plans for each student on the spectrum, and explore prevention and response to crisis situations in educational settings.  For more details, click here.

courtroom-newCourt System
Educate Judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, victim-witness advocates and Judicial Security Personnel, on the challenges presented in cases where a person with Autism is a victim, witness or defendant, and provide strategies to ensure that such cases are handled effectively, fairly and compassionately for this vulnerable population. For more details, click here.

familyParents and Persons affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder
Explain in depth the various safety issues relating to persons with Autism, and provide education on ways to prevent crisis situations. Explore the development and implementation of safety plans for IEP’s, and provide guidance on proactively collaborating with area first responders. For more details, click here.

Train the Trainer
Learn how to train your own communities and agencies all about Autism & Safety. All materials and necessary support will be provided. This will be accomplished as part of a regular training session.

Developmental Disabilities/Autism Response Team (DART)Developmental Disabilities/Autism Response Team (DART)
Specialized training for a group of professionals from all segments of the criminal justice system insuring that this population receive fair and compassionate treatment. For more details, click here.